Celebrating February & March Collections!

Excellence New product Women's History Month

I am excited to share the items we created for the Month of March: Women's History Month! I launched the site during Black History Month last month, so having an additional month to reflect and inspire based on two identities I represent means the world to me.

The slogan for this month's collection comes from a poem from my forthcoming book, "Emancipation Papers." The poem is about a person who takes on the emotions of others and transforms them into something we desperately need: Excellence. Similar to how a tree takes in carbon dioxide and converts it into oxygen, we can recycle toxic energy and turn it into something powerful and life giving (takes a lot of self-awareness work, but it is possible). That is why I thought the statement "I exhale EXCELLENCE" was perfect for our next line.

A word of inspiration to each of you: Continue to take on any challenge. Transform it. Release it as EXCELLENCE!




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