Our Story

Thank you for visiting our store! 

A bit about me: My formative years were split between two areas of Los Angeles County: The lower part of Baldwin Hills ("the [Concrete] Jungle") and Inglewood, California. I was exposed to so much during that time: Love, community, joy, pain, death, chaos, etc. and needed a vehicle where I could make sense of what I was seeing. My mother, who was and is an amazing writer, often worked multiple jobs to take care of our family. Yet, one of the gifts she gave me as a form of protection and a form of companionship was a love for reading and writing. 

As a child, I loved writing stories and plays. However, it was during my teenage years that I discovered my passion for poetry when I encountered the works of a remarkable woman by the name of Maya Angelou. It was "Mother Maya" that helped me express what it meant to be a young, Black woman who was both angry and hopeful at any given moment. It was poetry that helped me get through my years as a first generation college student. It was prose that helped me get through toxic relationships, graduate school and loss. And it has been my love for writing that has supported what I see as my calling to bring inspiration and a spot of humor to a world that is in turmoil. Check out my blog to try on a dose of my musings.

I realize that not everyone loves poetry (WHAT!?!), but we all could use a little inspiration from time to time. With that said, my love for writing has developed into a desire to create items that we can touch. Every item I have designed has a story behind it. Our "Wearable Poetry" is meant for anyone that wants to inspire themselves and others.

For those who love to read: Grab a book. For those who don't like to read: Grab a cup. Whatever you do, inspire, affirm or just sit and be well.

Wishing you continued wellness and joy,

Dr. Kecia Brown