Fall 2020: The Black(H)er Experience is HERE!

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This collection comes at a time when the country is begging for Black women to save not only our nation, but also our morality, our hopes and our dreams...again. This collection acknowledges the magnificence, majesty and the magnanimous ways of Black women everywhere, while recognizing the dualities of the Black woman’s experience:

- Black women are the least respected AND denying (H)er respect will cost you dearly.

- Black women are  the least protected AND you will never find a more fierce protect(H)er in any other species. 

Black women have been mishandled on every Continent AND that is why there is no one strong(H)er than she.

Black women are:





Black Women are EVERYTHING. We go beyond being a vibe or a mood. We are an entire damn experience. 

Step back and continue to be amazed.


*The Black(H)er Experience is a collaboration between Wearable Poetry1 and Madd Black Tees: 2 Black women, 2 Black-owned and operated businesses.


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